«When Soldiers Cry (2010)»

When Soldiers Cry (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jess Weber ( Han aka - Tunnel Rat ), Douglas Szczesny Jr. ( David M. Church ), Kristin Sargent ( Jill ), Robert Bozek ( Max O'hair - aka Rabbit ), Brad Holzer ( Ace ), Chris Colocillo ( Sgt. Lafayette ), Michael Gidisi ( Tuner ), Tara Alexis ( Sue ), Chris Pera ( Gunner ), John Krauze ( Michael Mutt ), Brandon J. Lauricella ( Jumbo ), Chris Barbis ( Archie Jett ), Douglas Buczak ( Bruce Green ), Mariko Masubuchi ( Innocent Asian Girl ), Paul Smith ( Franklin ),
Rating: 2.7
;When Soldiers Cry


1965 South Vietnam, two American Soldiers find themselves trapped in the Jungle with a War surrounding them. The only thing keeping them alive is the promises in their hearts they kept to their families - to return home at any cost. One Soldier, Private David M. Church awakes from being rendered unconscious to find all of his squad killed by the Vietcong. Three Days by foot, he must travel to the Landing Zone for extraction. In the distant Jungle, Church comes across an injured VC and makes him pay for the lives of his squad. Payment comes in the form of a bullet to the VC shoulder. Moving closer Church finds out the farmer dressed VC is actually an American Tunnel Rat. Mentally broken, Church carries the Tunnel Rat closer to the LZ. Along the way Church finds other American Soldiers in need of help. Death follows as Church makes a gallant effort to save lives in dire desperation to reach the LZ. The VC, and one of his own claim anyone that attempts to leave the Jungle. Church reaches the LZ, but it costs him everything, including his promise. Save yourself, or save a life other than your own... full well knowing you won't make it out of the Jungle alive.



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