«Wake-Up Callz (2008)»

Wake-Up Callz (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi /
Country: USA   
Cast: Rick Borgia ( Kidnapper #1 ), Elijah Bray ( Anarchist ), Ernest E. Brown ( William Masters ), Danielle Ciardi ( Kristaya Turner ), Michael Citriniti ( Boss ), Greg D'Agostino ( Kidnapper #2 ), Meggie Doyle ( Cindy ), Elizabeth Ellis ( Michelle MacClain ), Zachary Ellis ( Steve MacClain ), Cindy Estock ( News Anchor #1 ), Brenden Greiser ( Cameraman ), Adrian Horodecky ( Ozroy ), Stephen Innocenzi ( Richard Chortov ), Lena Koropey ( Valerie ), Kreskin ( Doctor Dream ),
Rating: 0
;Wake-Up Callz


Somewhere in space time an evil entity disguised as a comet circles the galaxies in search of memories, in search of souls, in search of Takeover. It came upon a planet whose people resisted the darkness and vowed to defeat the shadows in the future on the planet Earth. Years later, before the comet approached Earth, a science team was dispatched to implant infertile human females with alien DNA programmed to wake-up at a predetermined time and place. Somehow, the Comet Consciousness learned of the awakening and altered the time line to prevent it. In the shadow time line, one of the alien special seeds Kristaya Turner, dreams of alternate realities and seeks the help of Doctor Dream. Aided by corrupt world leaders, the Comet Consciousness already controls most of Earth, whose willing participants don't suspect that their memories are being stolen through video games, and re-packaged for sale to galactic dealers. The Allspace agent arrives during the darkest days, and must awaken Kristaya out of her shadow dream to see everything in a different light. The Power Protocols have intoxicated humanity into betraying their own people in the pursuit of greed and profit. No one knows their true fate as the time lines unfold into the Parallel Paradox. The What a Wonderful Worm snakes its way through the time lines and crashes the world's computer systems. Reality becomes a game show, and video games take center stage in the Crossroads of Crossover. Kristaya must intervene before Memcorr uploads humanity's memories into the Comet Consciousness, and plunge Earth into the shadows forever. Kristaya's personal struggle is a path of enlightenment over darkness as she must discover her true identity and come to grips with her alien humanity. Only Doctor Dream knows what she's thinking. But, Total Takeover happens before you think.



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