«Valley Girl (1983)»

Valley Girl (1983)

Release Date: 1983
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Christopher Mascarelli ( Marty ), Christina Jo'Leigh ( Gina(as Christina Leigh) ), Tiffany Shepis ( Crystal ), Corey Haim ( Himself ), Ron Jeremy ( Richard Steadman ), Jason Moore ( Victor ), Joe Jones ( Wayne ), Richard Pines ( Lou ), Noah Todd ( Mol ), Dwayne Palmer ( Curt ), Benjamin Heflin ( Alex ), David A. Aufmuth Sr. ( Tony ), Jeremy Frey ( Matt ), William Killian ( Tom ), Rory Pierce ( Jerry ),
Rating: 6
;Valley Girl


A car dealer who needs to raise money by the end of the month to stay in business, so he rents out the back of his dealership to a movie company, not knowing that the movie is a porn. That revelation comes at the most inopportune time, as the dealership is holding a big family day and the porn spills out onto the event. A variety of quirky characters make up the dealership sales staff, which complicates the efforts of the beautiful marketing expert who arrives to help generate sales, and ends up finding a mutual romantic interest with the dealership owner.



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