«The Roommate (2011)»

The Roommate (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Drama / Action / Sport /
Country: USA   
Cast: Carla Gugino ( Cathy Rush ), David Boreanaz ( Ed Rush ), Marley Shelton ( Sister Sunday ), Ellen Burstyn ( Mother St. John ), Phyllis Somerville ( Sister Sister ), Lauren Bittner ( Mary Margaret O'Malley ), Jennifer Butler ( Nun(as Jennifer Wiener) ), Daniele Carrol ( Student ), Jesse Draper ( Mrs. Ballard ), Margaret Anne Florence ( Rosemary Keenan ), Christopher Mann ( Julius Moore ), Malachy McCourt ( Monsignor ), Vale Anoai ( College Student in Church ), Kim Blair ( Lizanne Caufield ), Lauren Karl ( Kelly MacDougal ),
Rating: 4.4
;The Roommate


Set in 1972, "Our Lady of Victory" tells the inspiring true story of the Cathy Rush, a sassy 23 year old former tomboy whose young life has been filled with a series of setbacks. On the brink of giving up and moving on to her child rearing years, she takes one final shot at her dream and becomes the head basketball coach at tiny Immaculata College. With help from the nuns, she finds the courage and faith to lead her team along the improbable journey of winning the first national championship in women's basketball.



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