«The Prototype (2011)»

The Prototype (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller /
Country: Italy    USA   
Cast: Victoria De Mare ( Queen Ilona ), Jamie Noel ( Dagger ceremony girl ), Theresa Tilly ( Jenna ), Mark Vasconcellos ( Garrett ), Jacob Baeza ( Alien Soldier ), Linton Lafitte ( Alien Soldier ), Juan Antonio Devoto ( Tony ), Bryan Kent ( Hines ), Marcelo Grion ( Vatican bodyguard ), Kent A. Gallegos ( Alien Soldier ), James O'Donoghue ( Reverend Jeremiah C. Hope ), Rod Halmshaw ( Alien Soldier ), Vincent Torres ( Alien Soldier ), Doug Waugh ( Alien Soldier ), Gerardo Hernandez Beltran ( Sword Alien Soldier ),
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;The Prototype


The United Sates government assigns a very special case to a new created intelligence agency. Garret is the lead agent and finds more that what they suspected. Aliens are involved in a secret plan for world domination behind a church leader, Reverend Jeremiah C. Hope. The investigation goes on and Garrett is forced to drink an strange blue liquid that kills him first and then brings him back to life but 300 years in the future making him the only human survivor of the nuclear war. Now is up to Garrett and the human clones that rescued him to stop Piak, the alien warrior and his army. Only the Prototype can change this dark future.



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