«The Price (2011)»

The Price (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Carlos Gallardo ( Ceferino ), Solomon Trimble ( Arrio ), Mali Elfman ( Vanessa ), Myke Michaels ( Richie ), James St. Vincent ( Drake ), Michael May ( The Snitch ), Thorry Koren ( Chook ), Isaac Koren ( Tigg ), Tim Halpin ( Last of the Guards ),
Rating: 0
;The Price


A post-modern "western" film that explores the difference between an outlaw and a criminal. This character driven piece draws inspiration from John Carpenter & The Three Sergios (Sollima, Leone, Corbucci). Set in an economically ravaged New York City with no central authority, the story centers around two bandits and a bounty hunter. "The Price" is a gritty film that appeals to a broad audience of action fans and independent film fans. The two outlaws, Ceferino and Arrio, have been stealing food and other supplies to help their family survive. They have been so successful that a local boss has put a large price on Ceferino's head. Ceferino wants to leave New York to escape the bounty, the cold weather, and the food shortages. Arrio, on the other hand, is attracted to the "glamour" of the outlaw lifestyle and resents Ceferino for getting all the attention and notoriety from the heists they commit together. Arrio wants to stay in New York City and build their reputation as bandits. The price on Ceferino's head attracts the attention of Drake Adder, the most vicious bounty hunter in New York. Will Ceferino convince Arrio to leave the outlaw life behind before Drake finds them?



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