«The Alumni Chapter (2011)»

The Alumni Chapter (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Sean Warner ( Julian Higgins ), Scott Javore ( Mason Bradley ), Laura Mecsey ( Perry ), Hilary Staton ( Nika ), Abba Lessing ( Professor ), Stephanie Leigh Rose ( Waitress ), Pierre Thomas ( Valet ), Chidi Edringah ( Cab Drive #1 ), Mohammad Momquad ( Cab Driver #2 ), Damon Mazzocco ( Bartender ), Nahum Zarco ( Tough Guy #1 ), Aaron Hunzinger ( Tough Guy #2 ), Shannon Edwards ( Irving Parker ), Ruben Berger ( Airline Attendant ), Petter Anderson ( Party Goer #1 ),
Rating: 8.3
;The Alumni Chapter


What happens when you graduate from college, only to find that jobs are practically nonexistent and your best friends aren't what they seem? Meet Julian, Mason, Perry and Nika: Four old friends who reunite after college graduation. Falling back into their old routine, the foursome meet up at their favorite diner after a late night out. The conversation quickly turns sour, and a series of flashbacks expose the bitter truth. Unable to let go of the past, Julian is stuck in neutral, battling his inner self more than anything else. Mason, unwilling to do any thing out of the ordinary, takes an uninteresting job at a small corporate firm across the country. Perry secretly takes a job hundreds of miles away from home to escape the relationship complications that have plagued her past. Intellectual Nika buries her head into her books, leaving reality behind for a more rewarding life in Paris. Although each struggles with their problems differently, the uniting element is that all four are fighting the common issue of moving on. The deterioration of the friendships reveal the inevitable - that Julian, Mason, Perry and Nika must move forward alone.



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