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Somewhere Tonight (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Thriller /
Country: USA    Netherlands   
Cast: John Turturro ( Leroy ), Max Casella ( Fred ), Elizabeth Marvel ( Martha ), Lynn Cohen ( Mrs. Pecorino ), Katherine Borowitz ( Patti ), Jeanette Lutz ( Phone Operator ), Cheryl Crow ( The Sparrow ), Stelianie Tekmitchov ( P.S.O. ), Ivy ( The Amazing Helmut ), Kathleen Mangan ( Street Kid - Girl ), Kevin Mangan ( Street Kid - Boy#1 ), Ellana Bershadscky ( Erin Elizabeth ), Jonah Markle ( Street Kid - Boy#2 ),
Rating: 0
;Somewhere Tonight


Inspired by slain Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh's 1-900, SOMEWHERE TONIGHT is an urban fable that tells the story of two lonely New Yorkers trying to find companionship over an adult chat phone line. John Turturro plays Wooly, a simple, curiously odd bike messenger hoping to hear a bit of "spicy" talk from Patti (Katherine Borowitz), an Agoraphobic shut-in. Although each is not what the other hopes they will be, together they prove that wisps of enchantment can be found in even the most overlooked of hearts.



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