«Sliver (1993)»

Sliver (1993)

Release Date: 1993
Genres: Romance / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Sharon Stone ( Carly Norris ), William Baldwin ( Zeke Hawkins ), Tom Berenger ( Jack Landsford ), Polly Walker ( Vida Warren ), Colleen Camp ( Judy Marks ), Amanda Foreman ( Samantha Moore ), Martin Landau ( Alex Parsons ), CCH Pounder ( Lt. Victoria Hendrix ), Nina Foch ( Evelyn McEvoy ), Keene Curtis ( Gus Hale ), Nicholas Pryor ( Peter Farrell ), Anne Betancourt ( Jackie Kinsella ), Tony Peck ( Martin Kinsella ), Frantz Turner ( Doorman #1 ), Dr. Melvyn Kinder ( Dr. Palme ), Melvyn Kinder ( Dr. Palme(as Dr. Melvyn Kinder) ),
Rating: 4.6


Sliver Heights has everything a girl could want. Panoramic views of the city, a fully functional gym and a voyeuristic landlord with a minor oedipal complex and psychotic tendencies. One day, one of the tenants has an accident. First she looks out the window, then she looks the wrong way and finally she looks like pavement pizza. This leaves a vacant room, which Carly Norris takes a fancy to. She's a 30 something executive who has never had that much success with men. But, hey, isn't that a perfectly eligible voyeuristic landlord with a minor oedipal complex and psychotic tendencies?



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