«Six Days in Paradise (2010)»

Six Days in Paradise (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Michael Madsen ( Rich McShane ), David Carradine ( Vernon Billings ), Danny Trejo ( Ruben Skinner ), George Kennedy ( Monty Crenshaw ), Joanna Krupa ( Ginger ), Vera Fontaine ( Layla ), Kala Alexander ( Clarence Makaha ), Brian Byrnes ( Eddie Masters ), Coco Ho ( Alicia McShane ), Makua Rothman ( Nate ), Eddie Rothman ( Surf museum curator ), Kalani David ( Cal ), Bruce Glover ( Frank Burns ), Eric Huerta ( Bruce Cogburn ), Vivian Voss ( Jessica ), Vivien Voss ( Jessica ),
Rating: 0
;Six Days in Paradise


A reformed gambler searching for his ex-wife and daughter; an amateur private-eye he hires; an assassin on a mission, and; a recruiter of mixed-martial arts fighters. Their lives intertwine when they come to Hawaii to accomplish their respective objectives. Rich McShane has overcome personal demons which years earlier served to extricate him from his wife and kid. He now wants to restore his family unit, and suspects the ex- and daughter are living on the North Shore of Oahu, which happens to be, the surfing capital of the world. Rich hires his pal, twenty-six year-old, Eddie Masters, to travel to Hawaii in stealth mode, to determine whether the hunch is accurate. As Eddie searches he meets and is befriended by Layla, a gorgeous nursing-student in the midst of a break-up with, Clarence Makaha, perhaps the most dangerous local on the North Shore, and known through out the region for his skills in mixed-martial arts. Eddie and Layla are witnessed together and word travels fast. That night Eddie is awakened, tazered, transported while unconscious, carried on to a fishing-boat, and deposited in the middle of the ocean, in the black of night, leaving him treading water under the moonlight with no land in sight in shark-infested waters. He has just become the subject of what's known in urban legend as a Hawaiian divorce. Being that Ed is no stranger to fight-training himself, if he can-somehow survive this test of will and set foot on dry land once again, blood will surely spill. (And, he may even catalyze that family reunion). It all goes down, in the course of, SIX DAYS, against a backdrop of world-class surfing, mixed-martial arts, beautiful beaches, and all else one can expect to see IN a place called...PARADISE.



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