«Scum (1979)»

Scum (1979)

Release Date: 1979
Genres: Drama / Crime /
Country: UK   
Cast: Ray Winstone ( Carlin ), Mick Ford ( Archer ), Julian Firth ( Davis ), John Blundell ( Banks ), Phil Daniels ( Richards ), John Judd ( Mr Sands ), Philip Jackson ( Greaves ), Peter Howell ( Governor ), John Grillo ( Goodyear ), Ray Burdis ( Eckersley ), Alan Igbon ( Meakin ), John Fowler ( Woods ), Bill Dean ( Duke ), P.H. Moriarty ( Hunt ), Nigel Humphreys ( Taylor ),
Rating: 7.6


This is the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders. Luckily the regime has changed since this film was made. The brutal regime made no attempt to reform or improve the inmates and actively encouraged a power struggle between the 'tough' new inmate and the 'old hands'. The film was originally made as a BBC play but it was banned before ever being shown. So 'Alan Clarke' and 'Roy Minton' got it re-made as a film. This is a tough and brutal film and should not be viewed lightly.



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