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Screwed (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Family /
Cast: Rick Shew ( Mr. Baker ), Liz Franke ( Mrs. Baker ), Emily Stuhler ( Abbi ), Truman Croft ( Truman ), Mark Stoddard ( Narrator(voice) ), Brad Hawkins ( Puck(voice) ), Bruce Carey ( Stormy / Jimmy Jimster(voice) ), Marco Bottiglieri ( Duke(voice) ), Robin Read ( Michelle(voice) ), Mary Morgan ( Jinger(voice) ), Ryan Manalansan ( Bearcat Bob(voice) ), Steve Franke ( Bif(voice) ), Bill Jenkins ( Walter(voice) ), Tiffany Lonsdale ( Clementine(voice)(as Tiffany Lonsdale-Hands) ), Stephanie Rhodes ( Cat(voice) ),
Rating: 5.6


Bailey, an adorable Golden Retriever puppy, is moving! On the road trip to their new home, his family makes a stop and mistakenly leaves Bailey behind. This mischievous and playful pup sets out to find his family and stumbles across "Sharkarosa," an exotic wildlife ranch. At the ranch, Bailey meets and is befriended by an assortment of animals, including kangaroos, camels, a bearcat, a baby tiger, and "Puck," the sheepdog entrusted with running "Sharkarosa." Will Bailey ever see his family again? Or will he be left to work at the ranch until the "Cows Come Home?"



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