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RoboCop 2 (1990)

Release Date: 1990
Genres: Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Belinda Bauer ( Dr. Juliette Faxx ), John Glover ( Magnavolt Salesman ), Mario Machado ( Casey Wong ), Leeza Gibbons ( Jess Perkins ), John Ingle ( Surgeon General ), Tom Noonan ( Cain ), Roger Aaron Brown ( Whittaker ), Gabriel Damon ( Hob ), Mark Rolston ( Stef ), Lila Finn ( Homeless Woman ), John Hateley ( Purse Snatcher ), Gage Tarrant ( Hooker ), Thomas Rosales Jr. ( Chet (as Tommy Rosales) ), Brandon Smith ( Flint ), Wallace Merck ( Gun Shop Owner ), Thomas Rosales Jr. ( Chet(as Tommy Rosales) ),
Rating: 5.3
;RoboCop 2


After a successful deployment of the Robocop Law Enforcement unit, OCP sees its goal of urban pacification closer and closer. But as this develops, a new narcotic known as "Nuke" invades the streets, leaded by God-delirious leader Kane. As this whole menace grows, it may even prove to be too much for Murphy to handle. OCP tries to replicate the success of the first unit, but ends up in failed prototypes with suicidal issues... until Dr. Faxx, scientist straying away from OCP's path uses Kane as the new subject for the Robocop 2 project, a living God.



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