«Retribution (2010)»

Retribution (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: Mike Lordi ( Ryan Mitchell ), Stephen R. Cafone ( Harris ), Patricia Torres ( Bates ), Rocky Pavicevic ( Dmitri ), Americo Lopes ( Nico ), Kevin McDonnell ( Mick ), Steve Owens ( Troy ), Greg Spath ( Kirby ), Ron Lordi ( Tony Gallinari ), Tom Roemer ( Tommy Stache ), Rob Schnoor ( Phil ), Billy Jones ( Carl ), Erick Bleicher ( Nelson ), Damian Mamane ( Ward ), Nick Lordi ( Lou ),
Rating: 0


After his friend Max is mysteriously murdered, Ryan Mitchell wants to find out who was responsible. He targets two gangs in which Max was a part of. The two gangs, lead by Marcos and Dmitri, work for crime boss Tony Gallinari. During his crusade against Marcos and Dmitri, Ryan Mitchell is intercepted by Agent Harris and Agent Bates. Harris and Bates were using Max as a way to get to Tony Gallinari. With Max gone, they lost their only source to the Gallinari crime family. Ryan Mitchell, who knows its only a matter of time before Gallinari tracks him down, wants to help Harris and Bates take down the Gallinari crime family. See the action unfold as Ryan Mitchell attempts to get RETRIBUTION.



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