«Potter's Field (2010)»

Potter's Field (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Adventure / Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jeff D'Agostino ( Daryl Hexler ), Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper ( Sebastian Hexler ), Ralph Lopez ( Trailer Park Neighbor ), Anne Ford Galiana ( Kim Hexler ), Rico E. Anderson ( Officer Larry Page ), Sam Ingraffia ( Funeral Director ), Mary Grace ( Store Clerk ), Barry Ashley ( Grave Digger ), Lee Schall ( Casket Salesman ), Marsha Waterbury ( Bargain Casket Shopper ), Hilde Susan Jaegtnes ( Student #1 ), Radhika Unnikrishnan ( Student #2 ), Gena Shaw ( Science Student Worker ), Carl J. Johnson ( Lab Supervisor ), John Palmer ( Man at Beach ),
Rating: 0
;Potter's Field


Potter's Field is a dark comedy about a trailer trash teenager named Daryl Hexler, whose mentally and physically handicapped brother dies in a freak bathroom accident. With no money to bury or cremate, Daryl must dispose of the body himself. In between attempts at selling the body to science, staging impromptu cremations at the beach, and illegally cruising down carpool lanes with his dead brother by his side, Daryl learns one of the toughest lessons in life: how to grieve for the loss of family.



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