«Porky's (1982)»

Porky's (1982)

Release Date: 1982
Genres: Comedy /
Country: Canada    USA   
Cast: Dan Monahan ( Pee Wee ), Mark Herrier ( Billy ), Wyatt Knight ( Tommy ), Roger Wilson ( Mickey ), Cyril O'Reilly ( Tim ), Tony Ganios ( Meat ), Kaki Hunter ( Wendy ), Kim Cattrall ( Honeywell ), Nancy Parsons ( Balbricker ), Scott Colomby ( Brian Schwartz ), Boyd Gaines ( Coach Brackett ), Doug McGrath ( Coach Warren ), Susan Clark ( Cherry Forever ), Art Hindle ( Ted Jarvis ), Wayne Maunder ( Cavanaugh ), Cyril O'Reilly ( Tim ),
Rating: 5.8


We follow a bunch of high school kids through a period in their puberty. Their lives mainly consist of watching the girls in the shower and making life a living hell for their teachers and for each other. The movie is packed with practical jokes and eccentric characters, like Pee Wee with the short dick (which he measures every morning) who met up for sex with the school "mattress" Wendy already wearing a rubber, or the fat teaching bitch Beulah Balbricker who is determined on making life a living hell for the boys. The name "Porky's" is the name of a striptease bar the boys get thrown out of and humiliated in in the beginning of the movie. They have their minds set on revenge, but that's not easy as the owner's brother is sheriff. Only by forgetting their internal differences can they defeat Porky and his gang.



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