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One Long Day (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: Dean Mauro ( Tony Revario ), Chris Schaub ( Gruff ), Rob Marrocco Jr. ( Vinnie ), Tommy Lynch ( Rocco ), Chris Gabriel ( Tommy Can ), Rebecca Edwards ( Nikki Skars ), Jason Barker ( Thug #5 ), Paul X. Campanella ( Johnny Cold Fingers ), Stu Chaiken ( Sammy the Bartender ), Tony Diaz ( Unnamed Thug ), Chad Clinton Freeman ( Unnamed Thug ), Tracilyn Jones ( Nurse Jen ), Dorian Lazaro ( The Kid ), George Miklos ( Skunk ), Tony Mosti ( Frankie ),
Rating: 0
;One Long Day


You ever have one of those days? Follow Gruff as he has one of the longest days ever. It all starts when Tony Revario (the Boss of a prominent Las Vegas crime family) sends Vinnie and Rocco to find an accountant, that embezzled a lot of money from the Revario Crime Family. Vinnie and Rocco get the wrong apartment and the wrong guy. They end up in Gruff's apartment and make the biggest mistake of their lives when they kill Gruff's beloved pet Fluffy. When Gruff discovers his dead friend, all Hell breaks loose as he goes on the warpath to seek revenge. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, one thing will be remarkably clear... ...you never, EVER kill a man's dog.



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