«Naked Fear (2007)»

Naked Fear (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Dave Competello ( Tom ), Rachel Diana ( Lori ), Juan Flabio ( Satan's Voice ), James Fuentez ( Zombie #13 ), Micky Halstead ( Zombie ), Jason McClain ( Cody ), Thomas Raney ( Dr. Zombie ), Matt Rege ( Zombie #7 ), Ashley Rose ( Victoria ), Chris Saphire ( Ivan Deadmen ),
Rating: 5.3
;Naked Fear


Follow long time best friends "the motocross rider", his "tuner" and their wise cracking female friend as they prepare for a big off road race weekend. Little do they know one of the other teams has a dark secret, a secret that makes them pretty much unbeatable! This undefeated team is part ghost story part legend, and part myth, so what's their secret? The riders are all dead but must race to live! that's right! they are ZOMBIES! Watch as the teams clash and blood drips...all the way to a action packed ending!



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