«Mountain Mafia (2010)»

Mountain Mafia (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Adventure / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Casey Miracle ( Dwight Hamilton ), Tiffany Shepis ( Tara ), Rupert Boneham ( Bo ), Al Snow ( Charlie Hamilton ), Tim Wilson ( Hank ), Mike Jones ( Darius ), Mike Holman ( Derrick Newsome ), Ying Yang Twins ( Justin and Schaef ), Robert Z'Dar ( Sheriff Dumas ), Josh Diogo ( Billy Joe ), Amy Hayes ( Andrea ), D. Roc ( Schaef ), Kaine ( Justin ), Stacey T. Gillespie ( Lucian ), Rebecca Prem Groppe ( Momma ),
Rating: 0
;Mountain Mafia


In the rolling landscape of Appalachia, beauty resides within each valley and atop the crest of each hill. It is the land of bluegrass, horses, coal mines, and tobacco. Under the surface of this delicate veneer, a treacherous underbelly lies. A world stricken with drugs, guns, money, and the Mountain Mafia rules all. Shortly after the passing of his mother and meeting his soul mate, Dwight begins questioning his line of work and his life in general, and comes to the realization that he wants out just as his family inadvertently rekindles an old feud with a rival drug family. Now Dwight must make a choice to either leave with his new soul mate or help save his family and risk it all. Blood, bullets, betrayal, and the Mountain Mafia!



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