«Missionary Man (2007)»

Missionary Man (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Action / Drama / Thriller / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Dolph Lundgren ( Ryder ), Kateri Walker ( Nancy ), Chelsea Ricketts ( Kiowa ), Matthew Tompkins ( John Reno (as Matthew Stephens Tompkins) ), John D. Montoya ( Junior (as John Montoya) ), James Chalke ( Sheriff Acoma ), John Enos III ( Jarfe ), Lawrence Varnado ( Gomez ), Charles Solomon Jr. ( Murphy ), Jonny Cruz ( Billy ), August Schellenberg ( White Deer ), Brad Imes ( Hoss ), Morgana Shaw ( Tiger ), Julian Guevara ( Mexican Smuggler ), Andrew Stevens ( Smuggler ), Matthew Tompkins ( John Reno(as Matthew Stephens Tompkins) ), John D. Montoya ( Junior(as John Montoya) ),
Rating: 5
;Missionary Man


A lone biker rides into town in the aftermath of the death of his good friend J.J. Once there Ryder discovers that his friend didn't die but was murdered by a local businessman who would let nothing stand in the way of his plans to build a state of the art casino on Indian reservation and. On a mission of justice Ryder confronts and defeats Reno and his men in a tour de force show down where the one (Ryder) vanquishes the many.



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