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Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Drama / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Suzuka Ohgo ( Chiyo ), Togo Igawa ( Tanaka ), Mako ( Sakamoto ), Samantha Futerman ( Satsu ), Elizabeth Sung ( Sakamoto's Wife ), Thomas Ikeda ( Mr. Bekku ), Li Gong ( Hatsumomo ), Tsai Chin ( Auntie ), Kaori Momoi ( Mother ), Zoe Weizenbaum ( Young Pumpkin ), David Okihiro ( Shamisen Teacher ), Miyako Tachibana ( Dance Teacher ), Kotoko Kawamura ( Granny ), Karl Yune ( Koichi ), Eugenia Yuan ( Korin ), Li Gong ( Hatsumomo(as Gong Li) ),
Rating: 7.1
;Memoirs Of A Geisha


In 1929 an impoverished nine-year-old named Chiyo from a fishing village is sold to a geisha house in Kyoto's Gion district and subjected to cruel treatment from the owners and the head geisha Hatsumomo. Her stunning beauty attracts the vindictive jealousy of Hatsumomo, until she is rescued by and taken under the wing of Hatsumomo's bitter rival, Mameha. Under Mameha's mentorship, Chiyo becomes the geisha named Sayuri, trained in all the artistic and social skills a geisha must master in order to survive in her society. As a renowned geisha she enters a society of wealth, privilege, and political intrigue. As World War II looms Japan and the geisha's world are forever changed by the onslaught of history.



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