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Marco Polo (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Adventure / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ian Somerhalder ( Marco Polo ), B.D. Wong ( Pedro ), Desiree Ann Siahaan ( Temulun / Kensai ), Brian Dennehy ( Kublai Khan ), Kay Tong Lim ( Lord Chenchu ), Christian Lee ( Cogatai ), Yan Luo ( Chabi ), Michael Chow ( Chi ), Mark Jax ( Niccolo Polo ), Alan Shearman ( Maffeo Polo ), Michael O'Hagan ( Old Marco Polo ), Ramin Razaghi Sefati ( Persian Physician (as Rumin Razagh) ), Jiaolong Sun ( Chonggu (as Sun Jiao Long) ), Zi Ge Fang ( Achmath (as Fang Ge) ), Rodger Bumpass ( Rustigielo ), Michael O'Hagan ( Old Marco Polo ), Ramin Razaghi Sefati ( Persian Physician(as Rumin Razagh) ), Jiaolong Sun ( Chonggu(as Sun Jiao Long) ), Zi Ge Fang ( Achmath(as Fang Ge) ),
Rating: 6.1
;Marco Polo


Assigned to accompany two priests on a mission to convert the court of Kublai Khan to Christianity, Marco Polo is abandoned in the mountains when the priests, doubting the very existence of China, turn back. Polo eventually pushes bravely forth alone toward the fabled country where he is accepted as an envoy into Khan's court. Marooned on the far side of the world, Polo, accompanied by his servant, Pedro, advances as a Mongol grandee for twenty extraordinary years. What he eventually brings back with him to the West is a chronicle that changed history forever.



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