«Lightning Strikes (2009)»

Lightning Strikes (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Western / Adventure / Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: David Carradine ( Kwai Chang Caine ), Kerrie Keane ( Mrs. Sarah Perkins ), Mako ( The Manchu ), William Lucking ( Deputy Wyatt ), Luke Askew ( Sheriff Mills ), Keye Luke ( Master Po ), Benson Fong ( The Old One ), Brandon Lee ( Chung Wang ), Martin Landau ( John Martin Perkins III ), Ellen Geer ( Old Wife ), Robert Harper ( Prosecutor ), Paul Rudd ( Reverend Lawrence Perkins ), John Alderman ( Jailer ), Michael Paul Chan ( Ching ), Patience Cleveland ( Bridget ),
Rating: 4
;Lightning Strikes


In his travels, Caine meets up with an old man who has several surprises for him. The first being the destruction of the Shaolin order, the second being that the man is the father of the Emperor's nephew whom he killed in China, and the third is that he seeks his revenge using the son Caine never knew he had sired as the instrument of his death. It will take all of Caine's skill and wisdom to find a solution to this deadly predicament.



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