«Large (2001)»

Large (2001)

Release Date: 2001
Genres: Comedy / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Joyce Hyser ( Terry Griffith ), Clayton Rohner ( Rick Morehouse ), Billy Jayne ( Buddy Griffith(as Billy Jacoby) ), Toni Hudson ( Denise ), William Zabka ( Greg Tolan ), Leigh McCloskey ( Kevin ), Sherilyn Fenn ( Sandy ), Deborah Goodrich ( Deborah ), Arye Gross ( Willie ), Robert Fieldsteel ( Phil ), Stuart Charno ( Reptile ), John Apicella ( Coach Mickey Morrison ), Kenneth Tigar ( Mr. Raymaker ), Steven Basil ( Mark(as Steve Basil) ), J. Williams ( Julian & Prom Band - Brock / Davis ),
Rating: 4


Terry Griffith has got it all -- looks, popularity, the perfect college boyfriend, and an article that's a shoo-in to win her a summer internship at the local newspaper... or so she thinks. When Terry's journalism teacher passes her article up in favor of a couple of pieces written by boys, Terry is convinced that sexism is to blame. Determined to win the internship at any cost, Terry goes undercover at a rival high school to resubmit her article... as a boy. But Terry gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself fending off a bully and the advances of an oversexed female admirer, and falling for her new pal Rick.



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