«Ice Princess (2005)»

Ice Princess (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport /
Country: USA    Canada   
Cast: Michelle Trachtenberg ( Casey Carlyle ), Joan Cusack ( Joan Carlyle ), Amy Stewart ( Ann ), Steve Ross ( Mr. Bast ), Hayden Panettiere ( Gen Harwood ), Kim Cattrall ( Tina Harwood ), Trevor Blumas ( Teddy Harwood ), Kirsten Olson ( Nikki ), Jocelyn Lai ( Tiffany ), Connie Ray ( Nikki's Mom ), Paul Sun-Hyung Lee ( Tiffany's Dad ), Roy Bradshaw ( Tiffany's Coach ), Mark Hird ( Nikki's Coach ), Ben Gilbank ( Brian ), Thanh Nguyen ( Hot Dog Kid ), Kirsten Olson ( Nikki Fletcher ), Jocelyn Lai ( Tiffany Lai ),
Rating: 6
;Ice Princess


17-year-old physics whiz Casey Carlyle is urged by her physics teacher to work on a physics project over the summer for presentation to Harvard. As a skater, Casey decides on a project that shows the elements of physics applied in competitive figure skating. To start, she visits a skating club run by former professional skater Tina Harwood. Casey eventually finds that in order to better understand the principles she's using, she will have to become her own test subject, and joins the skating school. The more she gets involved, the more she falls in love with figure skating....and must ultimately make a choice; Will it be Harvard - which her mother and Casey have both dreamed of, or will it be her new dream - as a competitive figure skater?



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