«I Tried (2007)»

I Tried (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Drama / Music /
Country: USA   
Cast: Layzie Bone ( Layzie ), Krayzie Bone ( Krayzie ), Wish Bone ( Wish ), Wish ( Ce Ce ), Chris Mulkey ( Strank ), Hassan Johnson ( KP ), David Manigault ( Lethal ), Darris Love ( Darnell ), Aris Mendoza ( Gia ), Anna Maria Horsford ( Milly ), Nipsey Hustle ( Little Ricky ), Willie McGinest ( Detective Jergins ), Shana Sosin ( Detective Boski ), Serena Reeder ( Emily ), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ( Sin ), Nipsey Hussle ( Little Ricky ),
Rating: 4.2
;I Tried


What if Bone Thugs N harmony never got to audition for Eazy E. What would their outcome have been. This gritty, real tale tells the story of Krayzie, Layzie and Wish and the saga that could've happened if they never got that fateful audience with Eazy. Set in Los Angeles in the year 1999 the guys go their separate ways only to have their paths meet one more time in this edgy and gripping drama. "I Tried" is not only a classic song its also a potential state of mind....



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