«Honey (2003)»

Honey (2003)

Release Date: 2003
Genres: Drama / Music / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jessica Alba ( Honey Daniels ), Lil' Romeo ( Benny ), Mekhi Phifer ( Chaz ), David Moscow ( Michael Ellis ), Zachary Williams ( Raymond ), Joy Bryant ( Gina ), Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott ( Herself (as Missy Elliott) ), Anthony Sherwood ( Mr. Daniels ), Lonette McKee ( Mrs. Daniels ), Wes Williams ( B.B. (as Wes Maestro Williams) ), Judi Embden ( Mrs. Strom (as Judy Embden) ), Laurie Ann Gibson ( Katrina ), Scott Neil ( Lenny ), Alison Sealy-Smith ( Marisol ), Jull Weber ( Joey ), Romeo ( Benny ), Zachary Williams ( Raymond(as Zachary Isaiah Williams) ), Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott ( Herself(as Missy Elliott) ), Wes Williams ( B.B.(as Wes Maestro Williams) ), Judi Embden ( Mrs. Strom(as Judy Embden) ), Laurieann Gibson ( Katrina ),
Rating: 4.6


Honey Danels is a 22-year-old, sexy, tough-minded, part-black, part-Latina hip-hop dancer in New York's East Harlem who dreams of making it big as a music video choreographer. She teaches hip-hop dancing at a local youth center and encourages the local kids to attend to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. When luck shines on Honey in the form of a famous music video director, named Michael, who casts her in one music video, she's encouraged to make the transition from dancer to choreographer. But Honey's sudden success comes with a price when Michael refuses to take "no" for an answer to his sexual advances and then tries to sabotage her career by blackballing her out of the business.



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