«Happy Holiday (2011)»

Happy Holiday (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ayanna Fullilove ( Isis ), Devan Sims ( Tim ), Carl Washington ( Zeke ), Velda A. Hunter ( Patrice ), Mary Jenkins ( Katrina ), Caroline Rankin ( Jasmine ), Jamie Arindaeng ( School Teacher 1 ), Victoria Army ( Caller Lola from Royal Oak ), Katrese Tonette Arnold ( Encyclopedia ), Mandalynn Carlson ( Christina ), Tom Clippard ( Man with gas problem ), Len DiLaura ( Maurice Watkins ), Sandra Green ( School Principal ), Alicia Hamilton ( Teresa ), Denise Hewitt ( School Teacher 2 ),
Rating: 0
;Happy Holiday


Happy Holiday is a radio D.J. by day and a player by night, spinning hits for all the ladies he meets. Then, just days before Christmas, he meets and befriends a young troubled boy, Tim Jr., who simply wants Santa to bring him a new Dad for Christmas! After falling for both Tim Jr. and his mother, Isis, Happy now has things to consider. Will Happy live up to the expectation of 'Dad'? Can he leave all his number one hits behind? On the other hand, will Isis reveal her 'secret' and one day love again?



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