«Grooming Giselle (2011)»

Grooming Giselle (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Clark Koelsch ( Blake ), Jamie Hill ( Giselle Summers ), Justin Giddings ( Elliot ), Amy Lyndon ( Susanna ), Victoria Masina ( Aurora Summers ), Lisa Jay ( Angela ), Patrick M.J. Finerty ( Kurt ), Kristen De Luca ( Jennifer ), Philip Cohen ( Philly C. ), Bill Oberst Jr. ( Lenny ), Andre Brooks ( Tony ), Amy Lawhorn ( Brianna ), William Knight ( Mr. Henderson ), Dale Hersh ( Carter ), Merit Leighton ( Emma ),
Rating: 0
;Grooming Giselle


Blake, devastatingly handsome and in his mid-twenties, is a talented acting student as well as an unrealistic dreamer when it comes down to how to make a living until he makes it "big". Continuously fired from minimum wage employment, Blake and his best friend Elliot get sucked into the dangerous world of gambling, specifically bookie Philly C. and his sidekick Lenny. Luckily Blake's older sister Angela, an aspiring author, has proven a reliable roommate and so far taken care of her irresponsible brother. Yet when Angela gets the opportunity to interview for a well-paid assistant job, a car crash on the way to the job interview lands her in the hospital. Blake offers to start the job in his sister's place, which turns out to be more complicated than expected, since his ward would be the homely and socially inept 20-year-old agoraphobic Giselle, who insists on a female aid only! However, the girl and her mother Aurora have never met Angela in person, and thus Blake is able to transform himself into a convincingly enough version of his sister. Realizing this gives him an opportunity to not only hide from Philly C. but also from his visiting alcoholic mother Susanna, Blake moves gladly in with the disabled Giselle. At first reluctant, but consequently learning "how to be a girl" first in order to show Giselle "how to be a girl", Blake unknowingly starts "grooming" Giselle into his dream girl.



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