«Going Overboard (2001)»

Going Overboard (2001)

Release Date: 2001
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Burt Young ( General Noriega ), Adam Sandler ( Schecky Moskowitz ), Scott LaRose ( Dickie Diamond ), Lisa Collins ( Ellen (as Liza Collins Zane) ), Tom Hodges ( Bob / Schecky's Mother ), Adam Rifkin ( Croaker / Miss Spain ), Peter Berg ( Mort Ginsberg (as Pete Berg) ), Valerie Breiman ( Bambi ), Joe Gieb ( Referee ), Ricky Paull Goldin ( Terrorist Without Shirt ), Warren Selko ( Terrorist with Mustache ), Steven Brill ( Priest ), Billy Zane ( King Neptune ), Terry Moore ( Mistress ), Kim Ferrill ( Miss Ohio ), Lisa Collins ( Ellen(as Liza Collins Zane) ), Peter Berg ( Mort Ginsberg(as Pete Berg) ),
Rating: 1.9
;Going Overboard


Shecky Moskowitz, a deservedly struggling young comedian, lands a menial job on a cruise ship as the Miss-Universe contest is being held on-board. The Big Man On Deck for this voyage is Dickie Diamond, the ship's comedian and all-around ladies' man. As an assorted array of thugs, Panamanian mercenaries and terrorists try to storm the ship, Shecky hopes for one big chance to prove himself and enter the exciting world of cruise ship comedy.



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