«Drop Dead Sexy (2005)»

Drop Dead Sexy (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jason Lee ( Frank ), Crispin Glover ( Eddie ), Pruitt Taylor Vince ( Spider ), Melissa Keller ( Crystal ), Audrey Marie Anderson ( Natalie ), Lin Shaye ( Ma Muzzy ), Xander Berkeley ( Harkness ), Burton Gilliam ( Big Tex ), Joseph D. Reitman ( Tiny ), Suzanna Urszuly ( Sky ), Diane Klimaszewski ( Brandy ), Elaine Klimaszewski ( Amber ), Brad Dourif ( Herman ), Amber Heard ( Candy ), Patrick Boykin ( Bartender ), Ryan A. Brooks ( Redneck (as Ryan Brooks) ), Jackson Davis ( Bouncer ), Frank Ford ( Paramedic #2 ), Mathew Greer ( Cemetary guard ), Dave Kraft ( Bar Patron ), Steven Chester Prince ( Otto ), Kimberly Ann Shafer ( Feature Stage Dancer ), Michael Sorrels ( Pallbearer ), David Wilk ( Paramedic #1 ), Joseph D. Reitman ( Tiny(as Joseph Reitman) ), Mathew Greer ( Randolf ),
Rating: 5.1
;Drop Dead Sexy


The dumb loser Frank Muzzy invites his alcoholic friend and gravedigger Eddie to raise some money bootlegging US$ 250,000.00 in cigarettes for the powerful mobster Spider to Mexico. However, their truck catches fire and they lose the load. Frank becomes desperate to raise the amount, and hides himself with Eddie in the house of his mother. When Frank sees in the newspaper the picture of Crystal Harkness, the wife of the tycoon Harkness, Eddie confirms that she was a former strip dancer and buried with a valuable necklace. Frank forces Eddie to exhume her body, but they do not find the jewel. Frank brings Crystal's corpse to his hideout and decides to ask a ransom to Harkness getting into a deeper trouble, while Eddie falls in love for Crystal.



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