«Downtown (1990)»

Downtown (1990)

Release Date: 1990
Genres: Action / Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Anthony Edwards ( Alex Kearney ), Forest Whitaker ( Dennis Curren ), Penelope Ann Miller ( Lori Mitchell ), Joe Pantoliano ( White ), David Clennon ( Jerome Sweet ), Art Evans ( Henry Coleman ), Rick Aiello ( Mickey Witlin ), Roger Aaron Brown ( Lt. Sam Parral ), Ron Canada ( Lowell Harris ), Wanda De Jesus ( Luisa Diaz ), Francis X. McCarthy ( Inspector Ben Glass (as Frank McCarthy) ), Kimberly Scott ( Christine Curren ), Ryan McWhorter ( Ephraim Cain ), Danuel Pipoly ( Skip Markowitz ), Maurice Hill ( Man with Dog ), Francis X. McCarthy ( Inspector Ben Glass(as Frank McCarthy) ),
Rating: 5.3


Police Officer Alex Kearney works in a rich plush suburb of Philadelphia. (The police station looks like it came from Beverly Hills) When he stops an important businessman and his story of the incident is not believed, he is sent to work Downtown. The most dangerous, crime filled precinct in the city. Everyone there is sure that this 'by the book' suburb pampered cop is going to get himself, and whoever is assigned as his partner, killed. Detective Dennis Curren, draws the unfortunate 'babysitting' assignment. But when Alex's best friend is killed investigating a stolen car, Alex throws the book out the window tracking down the killer.



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