«Dogs of Chinatown (2010)»

Dogs of Chinatown (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action /
Country: USA   
Cast: Eric Jacobus ( Jack ), Huyen Thi ( Jin ), Ray Carbonel ( The General ), Bill Oberst Jr. ( Vitario ), Brian Lee ( Wei ), Kathryn Kim ( The Translator ), Matthew Sumner ( Castalucchi's Bodyguard ), Patrick G. Keenan ( Lord Massimo ), Ray Wood ( Castalucchi ), Minh Vu ( ), Randall I. Kim ( Lao ), Paul Drechsler-Martell ( Bodyguard ), Tom Spano ( Johnny ), Josh Costell ( Triad ), William Randall Kennedy III ( Human Trafficker ),
Rating: 0
;Dogs of Chinatown


When a war breaks out between the Italian Mafia and Chinese Triad, Boss Wu needs someone to infiltrate Little Italy. Enter Jack, a lonely desperate soul at the end of his rope who is groomed into the Triad's top assassin. But as the hard-boiled killer rises to the top, he falls for Boss Wu's favorite mistress, Jin, putting both their lives at risk. Now Jack must battle his way through the Mafia and the Triad to be with the woman he loves.



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