«Desert Flower (2009)»

Desert Flower (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Crime / Horror / Thriller /
Country: UK   
Cast: Rachael Blake ( Christine ), Tom Butcher ( Michael ), Jumayn Hunter ( Rian ), Ashley Chin ( Asad ), Sonny Muslim ( Teddy ), Jennie Jacques ( Beth ), Corinne Douglas ( Charman ), Kieran Dooner ( Oscar ), Tom Kane ( Sebastian ),
Rating: 7
;Desert Flower


Prosperous professional couple Mike and Christine are settling in for a standard evening of wine, TV and low-level marital hostility when a ring on their doorbell changes everything. Turns out their son Sebastian is in a little trouble with some local boys, who are quite prepared to camp out and wait for him to get home... The resulting culture-clash chamber drama is raw, revealing and nerve-splittingly tense.



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