«Dead West (2010)»

Dead West (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Horror / Western /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ang ( Gloria Valenzuela ), Clint James ( Actor ), J. Lyle Johnson ( Jim ), Quinn Lavoie-Higgins ( Craig ), Roy C. Patterson ( Dave Springer ), Emily Pelzer ( Susan - in cave ), Mike Ranallo ( Josh ), Jasen Wade ( Johnny Dust ), Shannon Whirry ( Sarah Dust ), Ang ( Gloria Valenzuela ), Ang ( Gloria Valenzuela ), Ang ( Gloria Valenzuela ), Ang ( Gloria Valenzuela ), Tad Sallee ( Cave Explorer ),
Rating: 0
;Dead West


Dead West - or The Rise of the Horror Genre and the Fall of the Western. The story of a western movie actor (Johnny Dust) still trying to make it big in a western film studio and theme park, when a 'new management team' takes over the park and turns the film studio into a fright-fest for the month of Halloween. Haunted by the image of his dead western movie hero, who appears to him on the little screen, Johnny unravels the real intent of management and its opening night 'spectacular', which takes place in the depths of the park's cave.



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