«Constantine (2005)»

Constantine (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Fantasy / Horror / Thriller / Drama / Action / Mystery /
Country: USA    Germany   
Cast: Keanu Reeves ( John Constantine ), Rachel Weisz ( Angela Dodson ), Shia LaBeouf ( Chas Kramer ), Djimon Hounsou ( Midnite ), Max Baker ( Beeman ), Pruitt Taylor Vince ( Father Hennessy ), Gavin Rossdale ( Balthazar ), Tilda Swinton ( Gabriel ), Peter Stormare ( Satan ), Jesse Ramirez ( Scavenger ), José Zúñiga ( Detective Weiss (as Jose Zuniga) ), Francis Guinan ( Father Garret ), Larry Cedar ( Vermin Man ), April Grace ( Dr. Leslie Archer ), Suzanne Whang ( Mother ), Rachel Weisz ( Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson ), Jos ( Detective Weiss(as Jose Zuniga) ), José Zúñiga ( Detective Weiss(as Jose Zuniga) ),
Rating: 6.7


John Constantine is approached by Det. Angela Dodson who needs his help to prove that her twin sister Isabel's death was not a suicide. The dead woman was a devout Catholic and Angela refuses to accept that she would have taken her own life. She's asked Constantine for help because he has a reputation for dealing with the mystical. In fact, he is a demon hunter whose sole purpose on Earth is to send demons back to the nether regions. John himself has been to Hell - as a young man he too committed suicide and now knows that he is destined to return there on his death - but hopes that his good deeds may somehow find him a place in Heaven. As he looks into Isobel's death, he realizes that demons are trying to break through to the human world and his battles lead him into a direct conflict with Satan.



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