«Code 46 (2003)»

Code 46 (2003)

Release Date: 2003
Genres: Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller /
Country: UK   
Cast: Tim Robbins ( William Geld ), Togo Igawa ( Driver ), Nabil Elouahabi ( Vendor ), Samantha Morton ( Maria Gonzales ), Sarah Backhouse ( Weather Girl ), Jonathan Ibbotson ( Boxer ), Natalie Jackson Mendoza ( Sphinx Receptionist (as Natalie Mendoza) ), Om Puri ( Bahkland ), Emil Marwa ( Mohan ), Nina Fog ( Wole ), Bruno Lastra ( Bikku ), Christopher Simpson ( Paul ), Lien Nguyin ( Singer in Nightclub ), David Fahm ( Damian Alekan ), Jeanne Balibar ( Sylvie ), Natalie Jackson Mendoza ( Sphinx Receptionist(as Natalie Mendoza) ),
Rating: 6.3
;Code 46


Code 46 is a love story set in a Brave New World-type near-future where cities are heavily controlled and only accessible through checkpoints. People cannot travel unless they have "papelles," a special travel permit issued by the totalitarianistic government, the "Sphinx". Outside these cities, the desert has taken over and shanty towns are jammed with non-citizens - people without papelles forced to live primitive lives. William is a family man who works as a government investigator. When he is sent to Shanghai to solve a case of fake papelles, he meets a woman named Maria. Although he realizes she is behind the forgeries, he cannot help but fall completely in love with her. He hides her crime and they have a wild, passionate affair that can only last as long as his papelles: 24 hours. Back home, William is obessed with the memory of Maria. When the original investigation is inevitably re-opened a week later and William is sent back to finish the work he started, he tracks her down, only to discover she has been accused of a Code 46 violation and any further relationship is impossible.



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