«Celebrity (1998)»

Celebrity (1998)

Release Date: 1998
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Greg Mottola ( Director ), Jeff Mazzola ( Assistant Director ), Dick Mingalone ( Camera Operator ), Vladimir Bibic ( Director of Photography ), Melanie Griffith ( Nicole Oliver ), Francisco Quidjada ( Erno Delucca ), Aleksa Palladino ( Production Assistant ), Dan Moran ( Jackhammer Operator ), Peter Castellotti ( Sound Recordist (as Pete Castellotti) ), A. Lee Morris ( Second Assistant Cameraperson ), Douglas McGrath ( Bill Gaines ), Kenneth Branagh ( Lee Simon ), Maurice Sonnenberg ( Dalton Freed ), Winona Ryder ( Nola ), Craig Ulmschneider ( Daniel - Production Assistant ), Peter Castellotti ( Sound Recordist(as Pete Castellotti) ),
Rating: 6.1


Lee Simon, unsuccessful journalist and wanna-be novelist, tries to get a foot into the door with celebrities. After divorcing his wife Robin, Lee gets to meet a lot folks of the rich and / or beautiful, partly through journalism, partly because he has a script to offer. But life among those from out-of-this-world is hard, and his putative success always results in defeat. Meanwhile Robin meets a very desirable TV-producer and takes the first steps in the world of celebrities herself.



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