«Cast Away (2000)»

Cast Away (2000)

Release Date: 2000
Genres: Adventure / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Paul Sanchez ( Ramon ), Lari White ( Bettina Peterson ), Leonid Citer ( Fyodor ), David Allen Brooks ( Dick Peterson ), Jelena Papovic ( Beautiful Russian Woman (as Yelena Papovic) ), Valentina Ananyina ( Russian Babushka ), Semion Sudarikov ( Nicolai ), Tom Hanks ( Chuck Noland ), Peter von Berg ( Yuri ), Dmitri S. Boudrine ( Lev ), François Duhamel ( French FedEx Loader ), Michael Forest ( Pilot Jack ), Viveka Davis ( Pilot Gwen ), Nick Searcy ( Stan ), Jae Choe ( Memphis State Student (as Jennifer Choe) ), Jelena Papovic ( Beautiful Russian Woman(as Yelena Papovic) ), Peter von Berg ( Yuri(as Peter Von Berg) ), Fran ( French FedEx Loader ), Jae Choe ( Memphis State Student(as Jennifer Choe) ), Fran ( French FedEx Loader ), Fran ( French FedEx Loader ), François Duhamel ( French FedEx Loader ),
Rating: 7.5
;Cast Away


After FedEx systems engineer Chuck Noland is ripped out of his hasty life by the clock in a plane crash, he finds himself alone on the shores of a tropical island. First, frustration gets to him and then he realizes how little his chances are to ever get back to civilization. Four years later, Chuck has learned very well how to survive on his own: mending his dental health, catching fish with a spear, predicting the weather with a self-made calendar. A photograph of his girlfriend Kelly has kept his hopes alive all these years. Finally, Chuck takes the opportunity to take off for home: He sets off on a wooden raft with a sail that has washed ashore.



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