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Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970)

Release Date: 1970
Genres: Action / Sci-Fi /
Country: USA   
Cast: James Franciscus ( Brent ), Kim Hunter ( Zira ), Maurice Evans ( Dr. Zaius ), Linda Harrison ( Nova ), Paul Richards ( Mendez ), Victor Buono ( Fat Man ), James Gregory ( Ursus ), Jeff Corey ( Caspay ), Natalie Trundy ( Albina ), Thomas Gomez ( Minister ), David Watson ( Cornelius ), Don Pedro Colley ( Negro ), Tod Andrews ( Skipper ), Gregory Sierra ( Verger ), Eldon Burke ( Gorilla Sergeant ), James Franciscus ( John Brent ), Charlton Heston ( Colonel George Taylor ), James Gregory ( General Ursus ),
Rating: 6
;Beneath The Planet Of The Apes


Astronaut Brent is sent to rescue Taylor but crash lands on the Planet of the Apes, just like Taylor did in the original film. Taylor has disappeared into the Forbidden Zone so Brent and Nova try to follow and find him. He discovers a cult of humans that fear the Apes' latest military movements and finds himself in the middle. Tension mounts to a climactic battle between ape and man deep in the bowels of the planet. Sequel to "Planet of the Apes." Film 2 of the series of 5



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