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An Ordinary Family (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Troy Schremmer ( Thomas ), Greg Wise ( Seth ), Janelle Schremmer ( Mattie ), Chad Anthony Miller ( William ), Steven Schaefer ( Chris ), Megan Minto ( Sharon ), Laurie Coker ( Mom ), Huck Schremmer ( Jack ), Rachel Wise ( Annie ), Shannon Haragan ( Erin ), Jon Michael Davis ( Coworker at bar ), John Merriman ( Friend at Pier 2 ), Heath Allyn ( Guy in Bar ), D.J. Castillo ( Club DJ ), Richard C. Jones ( Bartender ),
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;An Ordinary Family


A Sort Of Homecoming is a dramatic comedy about one family, two brothers and a really big problem. Thomas Biederman is blindsided when his estranged brother, Seth, brings his first boyfriend home unannounced to the annual family vacation, forcing him to wrestle with what he truly believes. This is the story is about a family attempting to navigate their relationships past the labels and beyond the awkward. Who will snap first when the tension is too much to bear?



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