«American Movie (1999)»

American Movie (1999)

Release Date: 1999
Genres: Documentary /
Country: USA   
Cast: Mark Borchardt ( Filmmaker ), Tom Schimmels ( Actor in 'Coven' ), Monica Borchardt ( Mark's Mom ), Alex Borchardt ( Mark's Brother ), Chris Borchardt ( Mark's Brother ), Ken Keen ( Friend / Associate Producer ), Mike Schank ( Friend / Musician ), Matt Weisman ( Casting Director ), Bill Borchardt ( Mark's Uncle / Executive Producer (as Uncle Bill) ), Cliff Borchardt ( Mark's Dad ), Tom Beach ( Production manager ), Joan Petrie ( Mark's Girlfriend / Associate Producer ), Robert Richard Jorge ( Actor ), Dean Allen ( Props / Special effects ), Tommy Dallace ( The Movie Star ), Miriam Frost ( Actor in 'Coven' ), Bill Borchardt ( Mark's Uncle / Executive Producer(as Uncle Bill) ),
Rating: 7.6
;American Movie


On the northwest side of Milwaukee, Mark Borchardt dreams the American dream: for him, it's making movies. Using relatives, local theater talent, slacker friends, his Mastercard, and $3,000 from his Uncle Bill, Mark strives over three years to finish "Covan," a short horror film. His own personal demons (alcohol, gambling, a dysfunctional family) plague him, but he desperately wants to overcome self-doubt and avoid failure. In moments of reflection, Mark sees his story as quintessentially American, and its the nature and nuance of his dream that this film explores.



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