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All Hat (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Comedy / Western /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Luke Kirby ( Ray Dokes ), Keith Carradine ( Pete Culpepper ), Noam Jenkins ( Sonny Stanton ), Lisa Ray ( Etta Parr ), Rachael Leigh Cook ( Chrissie Nugent ), David Alpay ( Paulie Stanton ), Ernie Hudson ( Jackson Jones ), Joel S. Keller ( Dean Calder ), Graham Greene ( Jim Burns ), Gary Farmer ( Billy Caan ), Stephen McHattie ( Earl Stanton ), Michelle Nolden ( Gena Stanton ), Lorne Brass ( Dan Rockwell ), Michael Mahonen ( Steve Allman ), Ellen-Ray Hennessy ( Bonnie ), Joel S. Keller ( Dean Calder(as Joel Keller) ), Ellen-Ray Hennessy ( Bonnie(as Elley-Ray Snow) ),
Rating: 5.2
;All Hat


An ex-con returns to his rural Ontario roots and outwits a corrupt and wealthy thoroughbred owner trying to take over a slew of local farms. Ray Dokes, a charming ex-ballplayer, returns from jail to discover the rural landscape of his childhood transformed by urban development. Determined to stay out of trouble, Ray heads to the farm of his old friend Pete Culpepper, a crusty Texas cowboy who trains losing racehorses and whose debts are growing faster than his corn. Sonny Stanton, gambling addict and spoiled heir to a thoroughbred dynasty, is in the process of buying up an entire concession of farmland to build a casino and golfing resort, and the only one brave enough to stand in the way of Sonny is Etta Parr, Ray's old flame, who might be willing to forgive Ray if it wasn't for her pride and common sense. The situation is a minefield, one Ray is determined to avoid. He hooks up with Chrissie, a sexy, sassy and talented jockey and steers clear of Sonny. But when a ten-million-dollar thoroughbred goes missing from the Stanton Stables, Sonny pushes things too far and forces the sale of the community's remaining farms. Ray reacts by coming up with a plan to stop Sonny in his tracks and right a few wrongs in the process. The scheme is unlikely and audacious; the players are as unpredictable as nitroglycerin. One false move and Ray will land back in jail. And the smart money is against him.



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